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"26 million households will qualify for energy efficiency improvements under the Green Deal. And the cost will be offset against future energy bills.." Chris Huhne (Energy and Climate Change Secretary)

With targets set to reduce carbon emissions in the UK by 80% before 2050, The new, coalition government have introduced Green Deal Surveys, Finance and Grants.

Green Deal Surveys

The first step of the Green Deal Plan will be for an Advisor to carry out the survey. Green Deal Surveys are to be carried out by accredited assessors who can give advice and recommendations on your options within the Green Deal Plan including advice on finance and grants. It is understood that many renewable energy sources as well as insulation and other energy saving measures will be included within the survey.

Reduce Costs & Emissions

Over half of a homes heat can be lost due to insufficient insulation in both cavity walls and loft space. Green Deal Surveys highlight to all homeowners and businesses ways to improve their energy consumption, carbon emissions and energy spend with no upfront cost.

Why do we need Green Deal Finance?

“Our housing stock - the oldest in Europe - is costing us the earth. So we have set up the Green Deal to bring our homes into the 21st century.”
Chris Huhne Energy & Climate Change Secretary.

Over the last decade, the United Kingdom and Europe have experienced extreme weather events such as flooding, droughts and fires. And now research demonstrates to us that as our climate changes the likelihood of these events also increases. Green Deal Finance will enable all homeowners in the UK to upgrade their home and help battle climate change with no upfront cost.

The Green Deal - Whats Involved?

Our Green Deal Surveys will start with an Energy Assessment and an Energy Performance Certificate will be produced. This EPC will form the base of the survey and enable the assessor to give relevant advice including information relating to finance or grants.

These Green Deal Surveys will begin with an assessment of the property and review the current owners energy useage. From this information the advisor can look at possible behavioural changes and physical upgrades as ways to improve energy efficiency all of which potentiall at no upfront cost thanks to the Green Deal.

The cost of all improvements that would improve the energy efficiency and carbon emissions of a home will be clearly detailed within the survey. This includes those that may be available via Green Deal Finance.

Once the Green Deal survey is complete, if the homeowner wants to continue with their Green Deal Plan it is then the role of the Green Deal Provider, ( to provide access to the funding.

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